Adult Fitness and Performance Classes 

 Small Group: 

This high intensity workout is designed to train all major muscles groups and improve your cardiovascular fitness, not to mention burn fat. Best part is you’re not alone. Train in an environment that sets you up for success. Training in a small group pushes you beyond what you thought possible. Your group mates are all in it with you. 

No longer does it cost an arm and a leg to get access to a professional trainer. The cost of a group session is a fraction of what a normal 1 on 1 appointment costs. This allows you to attend more classes and enjoy more training sessions! 

What to expect: During your 1st week you get a free Strategy Session. This is chance for us to discuss what your health and fitness goals are. From there we will set a path forward to reach those goals. No, it wont be easy. But you’ve been through all the online diets, all the workout trends, you’re done with that. Let’s team up and identify what is holding you back, and we Can do it…You Can Do it! I know you can.

This program is for those driven individual’s who are local to the Bloomington-Normal area. Training is done out of  the Four Seasons II location.  Bring in a fitness friend and learn about what group training has to offer. 

Fat loss, Strength Training, exercise performance or overall improved wellness can be achieved through a safe and effective workout plan. You will receive personalized attention within the group to achieve your goals and stay motivated throughout. All levels, beginner to avid exercisers, can participate and benefit from this class.  CLICK BELOW to get started.

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