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Personal Training Blog- Alex Nigro

We live in a time where physical activity is not a part of our daily lives anymore. Physical activity is now a choice that people must actively choose to make. With 1/3rd of the US population being obese these choices are not being made often enough. Humans tend to take the easier, less stressful path. Finding the time, desire, and motivation to exercise can be very difficult for many. This is where personal trainers fit in the health and wellness model. People hire a personal trainer for many different reasons, they want to lose weight, their doctor recommended they exercise, or just to improve their fitness. The client’s fitness/health goals are sometimes not very specific. It is up to the Trainer to interview the client and help them set realistic and measurable goals. These goals should be tied into a deep meaning for the client. Sure they may want to lose 20 pounds, but the client’s “Why” must be identified. After a bit of digging the client may open up and say how losing the weight will help her get back to a healthy weight and will give her more energy to enjoy time with her kids. Once this “why” is found the trainer can better motivate the client and keep them on track during their program.

During the interview process the Trainer must identify what road blocks the client has and create a program to work around these blocks. Common barriers are: not enough time, not enough energy, lack of exercise knowledge, and not seeing results when they did exercise. Many of these barriers can be overcome with the right intervention from one of 4 Seasons’ Nationally certified personal trainers. Let’s take lack of time and accountability for example. Having a set schedule of when a client meets with a trainer will keep them coming in on a regular basis, and the trainer will hold the client accountable to their previously set goals. It is hard to find the motivation to get to the gym after a long and stressful day at work. Having that appointment with the trainer will lower the likelihood of them not coming in and ultimately help members reach levels of fitness they never thought previously attainable! Set up a complimentary consultation with a 4 Seasons Personal Trainer now to see how they can help you break through your barrier! ….click here.  

These new weekly posts are to help fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts in the quest for constant improvement. These posts will be a recall from the previous week about what articles and videos that I found helpful to my knowledge, coaching, or my own training.

-Up first we have Crawling, Carrying, and Coordination by Roger Nelsen Jr. One of the big takeaways from the Chicago Perform Better Summit this last month was the case to add more Carries and Crawling variations into training. I felt this article helped me find practical examples and ways to add these exercises to my own training and my client’s.

Assessment & Correction Strategies for Hip Shift and Pelvic Tilt in Squat & Deadlift w/ Duffin & Cox This video was a huge help for me. I’ve noticed that during my squats I tend to shift my hips to the left side as I come out of the hole. This video gave me an arsenal of tools for evaluating what could be the weak link, and how to activate and mobilize my body to better prepare to squat.  I would advise that if you continue to feel any pain, or form continues to break down that you turn to a professional in your area. 

WEIGHT LOSS IS JUST MATH  This article comes from a coworker of mine @ThePIT. It breaks down the basic math that your body’s physiology uses when it comes to losing weight. I wont get into the rabbit hole that is “losing weight” but this article puts into perspective the big rocks that you need in order to see results.

Let us keep it short and sweet with these 3. Good luck this week with your own training.

-Alex Nigro

5 weeks away from my 3rd Natural Bodybuilding contest and that morning I hit a new low in body weight at 148lbs. Later that day during my workout I hit a PR on deadlift. 405lbs for 6reps, even at my heaviest (173lbs) while training for powerlifting my PR was only 5 reps. Big thanks to Conor for giving me the edge!

Chocolate Greek Yogurt Mix

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