Bulking/Cutting Thoughts by Cliff Wilson

Posted: September 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Cliff Wilson of Team Wilson is one of the top natural prep coaches. He talks about being smart with your training and nutrition. And not simply say “oh I’m cutting, or Oh I’m bulking…”

“This is sort of an FYI post as I get a lot of questions about how long and how much I like to have people “bulk” before they “cut”.

When developing a nutritional strategy many people simply view this as merely a two step process, bulking and cutting. Meaning weight gain and weight loss as the primary goals.

To have a truly sucessful long term nutritional strategy you need to start addressing every factor that plays a role in body composition as well as those factors that allow you to impose future change upon your composition. This involves a multifaceted approach that intertwines muscle growth phases, fat loss phases, metabolic positioning phases, and constant monitoring of composition. Timing is crucial to proper phasing to ensure you are not only progressing now but have one eye on the future so can continue progressing. Also, different phases should not be jumped from one to the next haphazardly from one extreme to another. There needs to be a gradual transition from one phase to another.

I always tell my clients to remove the bulking/cutting idea from their mind. The human body is incredibly complex and it requires something more than such a black and white approach to maximize results. Remember that when it comes to nutritional strategy, body weight is rarely ever the goal but rather the guide. It tells us where we are going, not where we need to be.” – Cliff Wilson


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