Lyle McDonald on Bro

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Below is a quote from Lyle McDonald who is one of brightest minds in the Training and Nutrition field. He argues that just because something has been done for decades or that the Top pros do it, doesn’t mean that that is what works for the majority of trainees. Please enjoy, and thank you Lyle. 

LYLE on Bro

“The argument that ‘Since most of the top guys do it bro’ style is disingenuous bullshit. Because so do all the failures. So let’s say I put 10,000 people through once/week bro training. 10% get big. 90% stay small. Why do we get to only focus on the 10%. Same with diet. For every guy who gets into shape doing it bro style, most get nowhere (and see below).

Of course, it’s also a problem because if everyone has only done it ONE way there may seem like more successes. But nobody tried anything else. The number of top IIFYM guys is increasing. At what point, Thaddeus or any other of you hard heads will you accept that it’s valid. Give me a fucking number, none of this goalpost shifting bullshit. How many success stories, guys who get their pro card doing it IIFYM do YOU have to see to admit it works as well as bro style? If you refuse to answer this question, just admit that NOTHING will change your mind and you’re a fucking religious zealot.

Because nobody is saying bro style doesn’t work. We are saying that IIFYM works BETTER for a lot of people. Anyhow.

Now let’s say I use a science based routine. And while they don’t get to the same level of development, 80% succeed and 20% fail. Bottom line, science beats bro statistically. IF 10% of bros succeed and 90% get nowhere but 80% succeed with science and 20% fail, MY approach is better. Sure, they didn’t get as far as the bros but the top guys are the top gys no matter what they do. Genetics, drugs, etc. They aren’t relevant to the MAJORITY.

Because, the reality is that most people who pursue any sport including bodybuilding will never achieve shit no matter what they do. You don’t get to focus on the 1% that succeeds (who might have done better or worse with another approach) and ignore the fact that 99% fail doing the same thing. This applies to all aspect of training.

You can’t argue that periodization is superior because the winners used it. The losers used it too. And they are statistically in the majority.

As well there is more to this than just making gains. I can’t count how many people I’ve seen talking about how eating bro style, totally clean, every 3 hours ruined their lives outside of the gym. You hear stories of sneaking away from their work to eat chicken breast and broccoli in the bathroom. Not going out on a date for a movie because it would mean skipping a meal. Losing all social contact because it might impair your ability to eat bro style. You can’t IGNORE those consequences regardless of the results that SOME get.

Sure, they get good gains but at what other cost (there is life outside of the gym). Will they get to age 80 and look back and go “You know, I did it bro style, I looked great but it would have been nice to get laid. But I couldn’t date because she didn’t eat clean and wouldn’t eat on my schedule?”

Or let’s consider what happens after the contest. Fine, the ones doing it bro style get into shape. And spend the rest of the year 40 lbs overweight because they eat everything in fucking sight afterwards. Which doesn’t happen with IIFYM.”

-Lyle McDonald



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