To Train Till Failure…

Posted: August 20, 2014 in Uncategorized


“Don’t train to failure if you want maximum strength gains!
A lot of hearsay has existed for years in regards to strength training, should it be performed to failure or not? The problem in many cases is that people confuse mental and physical effort with results, and in many cases the two don’t go hand in hand. This study compared two groups, one group training to failure and the other not. Interestingly, the non failure group increased strength more than the failure group in the bench (by a slight margin) but more so in squats. Perhaps the most interesting factor was the hormonal changes, with the non failure group having lower cortisol levels and higher levels of testosterone. The positive is that training to failure may be useful if the goal is to increase muscular endurance, however for those interested in strength, not training to failure seems the way to go.” – Bulk Nutrients (check them out)


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